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These are the issues I stand for:  

Controlling Inflation

  • Support oil and gas industry
  • Limit impact of “green energy conversion”
  • Remove restrictive regulations on industry
  • Promote responsible fiscal policies
  • Support FED – proper money growth

Closing U.S. Southern Border

  • Eliminate illegal immigration
  • Build the wall
  • Work with Mexico to stop drugs and human trafficking

Ensuring Safe Streets and Neighborhoods

  • Support police
  • End quick release
  • Seek equal justice for all

Building a Strong Military

  • All branches
  • Adequate funding with controls
  • Build strong allies

Rebuilding International Reputation

  • Word is bond
  • No one left behind

Promoting Educational Policies to Improve Students’ Performance

  • More parent input/control
  • Charter schools and voucher systems

Support the Economic Development of Louisiana

Committee to Elect Earl Huff
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